Vintage Door Drawing, Evans Canyon Hike and an Owl

 I'm excited to be able to post on blogger again!  For a long time I couldn't upload my photos so I used my website blog for a while.  I took a pen and ink class at the Nevada Museum of Art and drew this vintage door from a photo I took while exploring a ghost town ~ can't remember which one now.  
We hiked Evans Canyon last weekend and while on the nature trail we saw two Magpie birds harassing this owl.  I didn't realize smaller birds bothered owls, but these two Magpie birds were pests.  I felt bad for the owl and loved seeing him.  So mysterious and regal.    

Back in the canyon a bit we saw this guy.  He likes to bury his head and he wasn't afraid at all.  Glad no one bothers him and he can be in his spot for as long as he wants.  

We walked up toward the N, but not all the way :)  We turned off to head down another trail.  Lots of wildflowers in bloom in lots of colors.    


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