Kings Beach Lake Tahoe and Frog Fabric

We visited Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe in May and it was a really nice day.  We usually spend most of our time in south Tahoe so it was nice to walk around Tahoe City and spend some time on Kings Beach.  We went into the CalNeva Casino and saw the photos of the "Ratpack", lovely Marilyn and the many others that performed there or in the Tahoe area.  It's a neat casino.  

I've been working with toads this week.  There is a Spoonflower fabric contest coming up with the subject of extinct animals and I chose the Golden Toad for my design. It hasn't been seen since 1989 and is considered extinct at present.  The male is golden color and the female is a mottled green with yellow tinged spots, poor thing....:)   Also the Oahu Tree Snail which has really nice pink and mauve colors and is considered extinct also. I thought it was a nice compliment to my toads.          


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