Tropical Fish Plate and Bluebird Greeting Cards

I've been making animal related items in my Zazzle shop this week.  I put my watercolor tropical fish illustrations on lots of items and this is one of my favorites, the new plates Zazzle has.  Wouldn't fish plates be great, I think kids would love them.  Maybe even my teenagers would...
I think these notebooks are one of their newest things, I just noticed these yesterday and they are really neat too.  So I had to make a tropical fish notebook.  They've been adding so many new things to their site.  Lots of home decor things.  It is a really neat site to browse around!    

 A while ago we were out exploring the desert near the town where we used to live and I drew some birds.  I made a little thank you card with the drawing.  I love the birds that just sit perched in the trees for a while so I can get a bit of a sketch.  I don't make perfect rendorings of them, but I really like to just watch birds.  They are funny little creatures.  I think I need to go out birdwatching more often.  We have bushes by the canals behind our house where lots of birds hang out, I just need to take the time.  


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