Spring Rabbit and Daisies

In a mood for spring and all my garden seed catalogs are arriving in the mail so I decided to draw a rabbit in the garden. Around here we mostly have jack rabbits that dart out from behind sagebrush, their long ears are usually the first thing I see on them. Sometimes while walking I will see a little cotton tail quietly sitting by a bush in a yard, not afraid and just watching.

I've been trying to draw my Valentine's Day/Anniversary bouquet as much as possible before it fades away. It had lots of daisies, a couple red roses, baby's breath, pink carnations and some Easter lilies. The Easter lilies were still closed when I put the flowers in a vase. After a few hours they began to open up and after a couple of days they were in full bloom and the perfume scent so strong I had to remove them from the house. Potent stuff! The daisies seem to be lasting the longest and they are my favorite so I am happy.


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