Columbines, Winter Leaf and Feather

I've been drawing with pen and ink a lot lately. This is an older drawing and I wanted to see how my technique has changed over the years or if it has. I use a broader tip pen now so I get more color, big lines - be courageous I tell myself :) But then I look at the more delicate lines with the finer tip pen and I like that too. It does take more work to get different effects so maybe I will leave it up to my mood. I recently made this design into some Zazzle products.

We went out to the lake on Sunday and I took a walk gathering some things I found interesting to draw. Lots of little feathers, shells, cockelburs and great leaves with holes in them (my favorite). Since it is winter I wanted the paintings to look cold so I used blue and embellished the feather a bit. In reality it is gray. The leaf is pretty accurate though, the holes were very round. I guess the insect was very neat that worked on this one. I admire that. I will have these up in my Etsy store soon.


  1. Columbine are one of my very favorite flowers. Lovely drawing. And I adore the fel and look of the pen and ink.


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