Agnus Castus Flower Meaning

The agnus castus flower means coldness or indifference. As I look down the list in my language of flowers book the flowers and their meanings do get a little happier. I'm in a stretch right now that is kind of glum, thankfully these were purple and that is one of my favorite colors. This plant loves to grow in warm climates and has fragrant flowers and foliage. It is a medicinal herb used for the reproductive system. Now for the old stuff, this is my favorite part. No mythology links that I could find, but in ancient times it was supposedly used to reduce sexual desire and women in Roman times would spread the leaves around their beds while their husbands were off to war. In the middle ages the agnus castus became a food spice in monasteries and was called "Monk's Pepper" or "Cloister Pepper".


  1. This is very pretty.... and I really enjoy the meanings of the flowers and the history behind them!


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