Aries Zodiac Sign Watercolor

I love astrology, find it very interesting. Aries birthdays are coming up. I was researching Aries for this painting and found that the flowers are geranium, honeysuckle, and sweet pea. The gem is diamond. Color is red. Fire element. Some (a few) characteristics are firey, warm, passionate and expressive. Which sign are you?


  1. I'm Pisces! This drawing is gorgeous...I love astrology too.....

  2. I am a Pisces too. Guess that's why Holli and I can't along so well in cyber land....LOL!

    March 20th for me! How about you, Holli?

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  4. I love this daughter is a Aries (her 19th birthday is the 22nd). Her and her father and me are all fire signs, which she finds interesting...guess that's why we're all so firery.


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