Thursday, September 29, 2016

Number 8, Peacock and Castle

Challenging myself this week with different artwork.  I wanted to work with the number 8 and went from there adding elements.  When we ride our bikes in the evening sometimes the local peacock will be making his call and displaying his feathers, so he inspired me.  
In learning about the number 8 I found it symbolizes harmony and balance, the ability to make decisions, abundance and power.  In the Bible it represents a new beginning.  

I'm working through The Artist's Way course with a group of people and each week we need to do an artist date.  This was the location of my artist date last weekend.  I found a nice rock along the Truckee River and drew the bridge.  Definitely a place I'll return to.     

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Free Pumpkin Bookmark To Color

I printed out the pumpkin bookmark on watercolor paper. You can 
use some nice tinted paper if you're going to use markers or pencils.     

The black ink runs a bit with watercolor so I didn't get to close to some of the lines.  I usually use quite a bit of water when I paint.  The black will darken colors nicely if that's
 what you want.  

I let the black darken the greens and blues.  I paint one section at a time with a little brush.
I added some Alizarin crimson to the leaves and blue to the pumpkin stems. 
 A little olive green to some of the orange.  

For the background, I used cobalt and purple blended with some of the green and yellow toward the pumpkins.  A little at a time and let the colors blend as you go.   
Now you can cut it out and laminate it with some transparent adhesive paper or 
something similar to protect it.

If you like to color, please check out my coloring book on Amazon.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Autumn Pumpkins, Crows and a Red Barn

Now that September is here I'm excited for autumn.  The days are cooler and I'm looking forward to buying pumpkins and have been painting some, too.  I decided to make rows of autumn themed things and coordinate the colors.  I enjoyed doing the crows, love crows.  I like the challenge of getting a nice dark black/blue.  

Ghost pumpkins and gourds are fun too.  I like when our local produce stand has their pumpkins and gourds available.  They usually have a great selection to choose from.   

I prepared some washes to go with my illustrations for when I design cards and other things in my Zazzle and Greeting Card Universe shops. 

These are nice notepads for lists and gifts. 

Nice autumn ghost pumpkin poster to decorate your home, classroom or office space.

I grew up on a farm for some of my childhood and I loved it.  I really like drawing quiet country scenes, barns, rolling hills, trees, and animals that remind me of that time in my life.
Stationery for letter writing or journaling.  Do you have a pen pal?  

And big ripe pumpkins with a coordinating maroon handle.  Nice for warm drinks when the cooler temperatures set in for autumn.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Bears and Balloons for Kids

Painting with kids in mind this week.  I experimented with the sky with textures, colors, and markers.  I  have a rainbow of flair markers and a couple other pens I found at the art supply store.  They bleed a bit when water is applied.  I decided I liked the effect and played with it some more.    

Lots of water with puddles here and there, turning the paper to get different patterns.  I went over the illustration edges again after it dried with the same color marker.  Fun experiment. 

I made a few things in my Zazzle shop with the illustrations. 
This is a gift bag and you can customize the text. 

And a poster for a child's room.  You can customize the text.