Sparks Marina Sunday Photo Walk

 We walked around Sparks Marina on Sunday.   I subscribe to the blog of photographer Anne McKinnell and she sent out a tutorial on photographing small animals.  I thought the marina would be a good place to find some.  And I found some.  Lots of chubby squirrels.  And a nice variety of ducks and geese.    

The morning light was nice.  A little drab at times when the sun was behind the clouds, but nice and soft when it came out.  Calm water for nice reflections. 

I love colorful beach front homes and the bright water toys out front.

I liked the shape of the bridge and being able to capture the reflections in the water.  The marina is a nice walk of a little over two miles.  It's kept really nice and clean by maintenance man Mike, who does a great job and is friendly too.   


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