Scottie Dog Stationery Set and Desert Drawings

I had a request from a customer to create a stationery set using scottie dogs.  She has two scotties, a black one and a wheaten.  I learned something new with this commission, I didn't know what a "wheaten" scottie was and thought they were only black or grey.  So this is the set I made for her along with a couple other papers not shown.  It was a really fun project.  Scotties are fun to paint.  I'll have these listed for sale in my shops soon. 

I went exploring in the desert with my husband and son last weekend and found some good pieces of glass to draw.  I like to walk around and see what different shapes and colors of glass I can find. 

I found a bowl that was split in half and a small tin can with a handle that gave me a nice challenge.  I like to try and capture the little piles of dirt that have built up in the dishes and glass too.

Here are my scottie dog paintings before I started designing the stationery set.  Hope you have a  great weekend!


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