Groundhog Day Drawings and Mixed Media Class

In honor of Groundhog Day Sunday, I've been drawing some this week for greeting cards.  My cards are too late for this year, but I find I get inspired when the holiday is here so I guess I'll just have to wait to get them in my shoppe.  This one is done in colored pencil with ink. 
I wanted to do a pair of groundhogs for an anniversary on Groundhog Day card.  It was more difficult for me to get them how I wanted them to look with watercolor.  I liked drawing them much better.  

A couple different requests for anniversary cards this week; this one with a couple gazing at the blue moon in a vintage car.  I liked drawing the car. Vintage cars are so neat.  So much character.      

I'm taking the Mixed Media class on Craftsy and love it.  This was a landscape exercise in painting with ink.  A challenge to get the hang of, but really fun.  


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