Vintage Watering Can and Shasta Daisies

My seed catalogs have started to come in the mail and it makes me dream of flowers and spring. I think it would be great to have a little section of the garden with vintage watering cans with flowers growing in them, color billowing out this way and that. I think I may start searching flea markets and antique stores for some. I have several old rusty bucketsI've found in the desert that I plant flowers and tomatoes in and a watering can or two would go nicely with them.
And a shasta daisy plant or two. I've not had great luck with my daisy plants in the past and I'm not sure why. I've not been able to plant them in a spot where they are happy. A lady down our street has lovely daisy plants that get bigger and prettier every year. Need to ask her what her secret is. They are planted in the front yard, maybe that is what they like - or they just don't like my backyard...


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