Drawings from the Desert in December

We went exploring on Saturday to a place nearby, close to railroad tracks. Lots of trash had been dumped in piles here and there. Old rusty cans, lots of broken bottles in great colors of green, purple and blue. I found some flowery broken china pieces for my collection. I'm hoping to take a mosaic class one day and use my china chips to make something neat for my garden. While I was exploring the two things I found most interesting were an old leather glove that fit a tiny hand and an empty aluminum tube of toothpaste. Do you remember when they used to put toothpaste in aluminum tubes? I do. I see that Tom's brand still puts theirs in aluminum tubes. It is dry as a bone in the desert where I live. There seems to be a layer of dust hovering around all the time like a fog. It is cold though! I'm hoping for some kind moisture soon. I'd love a white Christmas. I thought this old rickey fence was neat. Thin little slats with crooked wire and patches of wood here and there trying for a little more stability. It has character. Now I'm off to paint these...


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