Green Pumpkins, Eagle and Notecard Set

Here is another pumpkin sketch to add to my collection of winter drawings. This is probably one of the last I'll be able to do as they are rotting quickly. I still think they have lots of character even when collapsing into themselves, but then I really like pumpkins... I am hoping to switch to flowers after Valentine's Day...

On a walk last weekend I saw a stunning eagle in a tree. I think it was a bald eagle because it had a white head and dark brown body and was huge, but not sure - I need to study up on birds. I watched him for a while, sketching quickly, wishing I'd brought my binoculars. As I started to walk up to him to get a better view to sketch he decided that was close enough and flew off the branch causing it to dip deeply. He soared away his wings making a loud, heavy noise as he took off. I loved it.

A new collection of notecards in my Artfire shop for spring. I have several collections in there and have a few more to add. I've been slowly stocking my shop with needlework patterns, original art work and cards. I' really enjoying being on there.


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