Love in a Mist Flower Study

I planted "Love in a Mist" flower seeds last year and they produced little spindly fragile flowers. I let the flowers go to seed and this year they are really strong and tall. They have really neat seed pods and if you like to make dried flower bouquets they add a lot of charm. The seed pods keep their shape and the seeds inside rattle a little. I like them.

My flowers are mostly white so I decided to play with color a little bit. These flowers have come up all over in my backyard, even in the gravel, so I have a lot of them to paint. The flowers don't last long and it seems the seed pods are there for a very long time so I guess I will spend some time studying them. The flowers have very fine leaf clusters and as the flowers begin to fade the tops begin to curl inside themselves and take on a whole new character. Very fun flower.


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