Lake Tahoe Spring Mt. Tallac Hike

On a weekend camping trip to Fallen Leaf white, pink and purple phlox and a tall yellow flower were growing all over the campground, especially the yellow flower. Squirrels and blue jays were constant companions at breakfast. We were notified upon our arrival that the bears were very active in the campground, mamas and cubs, and our particular site was their favorite entry point.... we didn't see any the whole weekend so on the last morning woke up early around sunrise and walked to the bathroom (I was hoping to see one :). We saw a young brown bear nosing around a campsite, one with a cooler left out. He saw us as we saw him and then he went about his business. I was happy.

One day while we were there we hiked up Mt. Tallac as far as we could go. We reached Floating Island Lake which had one duck that we could see. We continued on just to see how deep the snow really was. It became deeper and more constant as we continued toward the next lake. We decided to turn back after climbing a very snowy hill and looked beyond and still more snow. We'll wait a few weeks and try to get to the next lake again.

I believe this is Sulfur Flower, which was growing all over the campgrounds. Great time of year to go.


  1. These are just absolutely gorgeous Cathie.. wow!!


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