Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Pen Pal Valentine's Day Stationery

Do you have a PenPal?  I used to have penpals as a teenager and I really enjoyed writing to them.  I had one from Shreveport, LA and wrote to her for the longest time.  I loved getting her letters in the mail and writing her back.   I have several cards in my store specific to penpals.  This is a birthday card nice for this time of year with 
Valentine's Day approaching.   

A collage style Valentine's Day card with little images inside the 
hearts on the pink background.

If you like to write letters to your penpal this is a festive holiday stationery 
with watercolor red hearts. 

A little different style with watercolor hearts along the bottom border 
and multi-colored.  These are also nice for lists and reminders.

A postcard with a field of blooming tulips painted in watercolor.  

Pretty pink petunia stickers for sealing the envelope on your card or letter. 

Here's a link to a popular site to find penpals.
What about penpal stationery for men?  My next penpal post will have more to show for men.  I really like pink and make a lot of illustrations with pink so with Valentine's Day coming up . . .  

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Animal Ballet Class

 A lesson from a Craftsy class I've been taking on illustrating animals.  I like the little raccoon dancer.  She's not quite doing it right, but having fun all the same.  I can also relate with the little mouse who's not quite sure what to do . . . 
I made the illustration into a poster in my Zazzle shop.

And a little personalized tote to carry ballet things in.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Princess Two and A Little Boy

Princess illustrations for children's greeting cards.  A baby princess
and her white rabbit friend. 

And a princess for little girls. 

A neighbor child has a toy car in the yard that inspired this illustration.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Purple Hair and Sheep

I've been noticing this saying here and there on signs and such so I wanted to make an illustration for it.  I love the saying and think it is so true.  I put this illustration on several things in my Zazzle shop.  

I've seen a few herds of sheep lately too on our weekend drives.  I love sheep.  

I worked with some masking fluid in this painting for the sheep and some of the flowers.  Still getting used to it.  Getting used to painting a bit bigger paper too.  Feels good to spread out a bit.     

A snow day here in Fallon today.  Nice wet snow that packs nicely for snowman building and snowballs.  Kids in the neighborhood are having fun and I liked walking in it.