A Wizard, A Flamingo, and A Bug Box

I have an unusual assortment of illustrations this week.  I'm re-working some older illustrations in my Greeting Card Universe store and this wizard is one of them. 

I designed a birthday party invitation in my Zazzle shop.  I like his nose.

I'm not sure what inspired this flamingo.  Maybe John Grisham's new novel "The Whistler" that takes place in Florida that I read not too long ago.  Flamingos remind me of Florida.   

I researched flamingos to see if, like some other birds, the males were more colorful than the females.  But, no they get their color from the algae they eat which has lots of beta carotene in it.  So the ladies are just as pink as the male, I guess.

This is another illustration I re-worked.  I think I would've liked a bug box as a kid.  I lived on a farm for a while and enjoyed rolling pill bugs around, collecting pollywogs in mason jars, and finding fuzzy caterpillars.    

I've always liked the saying, "What's the Buzz" and created a few items in my Zazzle shop with that saying on them. 


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