Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tahoe City Lupine Beach Plein Air Painting

The Reno Tahoe Plein Air art group gathered at Tahoe City on Monday for painting at the lupine beach.  The beach is still full of lovely lupines.   

Quiet morning in the marina area.  Lots of paddle boards and kayaks.  Nice to see the water level up a lot higher than it was last year. 

A catamaran that was moored in the harbor.  I like playing with the colors of the mountains, usually adding purple. 

A bright orange kayak came by.  The people looked like they were having a great time.  

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Carnelian Bay Plein Air Painting and Loons

Monday we went plein air painting at Carnelian Bay.  A wonderful calm morning.  Lots of people heading out on their boats.  The geese were keeping watch along the shore when we first arrived.  

The highlight of my morning was seeing this mama loon and her babies floating by.  They'd scamper up her back for a ride, take turns doing this and floated along behind her.  Not much worried them. 

My first painting of some of the boats in the marina.  A touch of snow on the distant mountains still. 

Right next to the rock I was sitting on were some really pretty tall purple lupines and an evergreen bush with small pinecones.   

My painting of the only sailboat in the marina.  All the rest were speedboats.  Several bushes of white yarrow in full bloom.  A nice morning to be out painting. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hollyhocks and Garden Carrots

My hollyhocks are blooming happily in the garden right now.  The bees love them and every now and then a hummingbird comes whizzing by.

I sketched the first bloom that appeared.  I like to add a little more color. 

My watercolor kit for outdoor painting.  I've had this set for a long time and keep re-filling the pans with my favorite colors.  It's just right.

 Another watercolor painting from my Lila's Garden coloring book.  
 I thought these flipflops were fun.  

And these nice totes that have the all over printing.  They're new on Zazzle and have been getting good reviews.  Nice for farmer's markets! 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Reno Hobo Art At Idlewild Park

My daughter and I went for a photo walk Saturday along the river at Idlewild Park.  Lots of people floating in the river and running. 

We enjoyed viewing the Hobo Artist's work as we walked along.  Lots of characters made from rocks in different poses.

Liked the little dog.  

And the pose of this one.  Great job with finding the right rocks to get the poses. 

There are a lot more to see and some have grass for hair.  Here's the creative artist who made them.  Don't miss his tip bucket . . . I did at first and went back.  Enjoy!  

Saturday, June 4, 2016

A Visit to Yosemite

We visited Yosemite a couple weeks ago when a big storm was due to move in.  There was a little snow in the higher elevation and very cold, but down in the valley it was nice.  And great clouds.  The Tioga pass road was closed when we first got there so we took a drive to Grant Lake and waited for it to open.   

Our first stop was Olmsted Point and we saw a marmot who posed for the tourists for a little while.  He hung around for a while not minding everyone staring at him and taking photos.    

Beautiful valley.  I was one of the several hundred people to get a photo of this vantage point that day :) 

I liked the patterns and colors in this mountain.  Magestic mountains.  

Morning sunlight and the storm moved on through the night.  Glad we had clouds the day before. 

Another pause in our trip while we waited for the road to open the next day.  A beautiful meadow where people could let their dogs run and take a break.