A Visit to Yosemite

We visited Yosemite a couple weeks ago when a big storm was due to move in.  There was a little snow in the higher elevation and very cold, but down in the valley it was nice.  And great clouds.  The Tioga pass road was closed when we first got there so we took a drive to Grant Lake and waited for it to open.   

Our first stop was Olmsted Point and we saw a marmot who posed for the tourists for a little while.  He hung around for a while not minding everyone staring at him and taking photos.    

Beautiful valley.  I was one of the several hundred people to get a photo of this vantage point that day :) 

I liked the patterns and colors in this mountain.  Magestic mountains.  

Morning sunlight and the storm moved on through the night.  Glad we had clouds the day before. 

Another pause in our trip while we waited for the road to open the next day.  A beautiful meadow where people could let their dogs run and take a break.   


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