Austin Nevada and Jacobsville

Last weekend we visited Jacobsville near Austin, Nevada.  I painted some 
different views of the landscape playing with color.  

From where I was sitting there was a home with various outbuildings and such.  I simplified the scene for my drawing.  Simplified it a lot and added the little bird.  I did see quite a few birds, skittish cows, Peter cottontails and chukar or maybe grouse birds, not sure.       

A view looking down into the valley toward Austin from Mt. Airy. 

We arrived around 9 and so I still had some fairly nice light to take photos.    I liked the shapes in the barb wire and the view of the desert beyond.

This one I was working with framing the cattle inside the fence borders while capturing the rabbit brush since it was in nice contrast to the mountains and sky.   Leading lines with the fence.  Remembered a few composition techniques for this one. 

I'm not sure what these birds are, maybe chukar or grouse.  They are large and gray.  Not in focus, but I liked their wingspan.   


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