Woman Gardening, Hazen Chickens and Reno

I was thinking about Mother's Day this week and trying to think of a design for a card.  A woman gardening came to mind and I painted this illustration.  It didn't seem to fit the Mother's Day category so it became a thinking of you card instead for a gardening friend.   

This is the published card in my Greeting Card Universe store.  
You can click here for the thinking of you friend card

I went on a photo walk Sunday.  I got up early before the sunrise and got to Hazen, Nevada just as the sun was rising over the mountains.  There were great clouds in the sky and I liked the pink on the distant mountains. 

There were some friendly chickens (friendly because they thought I was going to feed them) but they got close enough for a bit for me to get some pictures of them.  They are pretty chickens, well taken care of.  Nice variety of chickens too. 

I then drove into Reno and walked around Virginia Lake.  Loads of birds there and people love to feed them.  I liked this row of ducks in the lake and the houses beyond.  Nice symmetry.   

I walked over by the Truckee river down the river walk and saw this great reflection in a large window.  Just as I was framing and focusing a couple walked by and I was able to get their reflection too.  Loved it. 


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