Drawing From the Mind Painting From the Heart

A few years ago I found this great book at a used bookstore.  I've started and stopped the lessons a couple times before now and I'm hoping to finish this time.  
As they say, third time ...  

First lesson is imagination drawings.  Mine weren't that great so I wanted to draw something I was looking at to make myself feel a little better :)   

This was an exercise to classical music and I really got lost in it, time was up before I knew it.  The deep colors were the strongest musical notes.

This was one of my favorite exercises.   I liked the simplicity.

Learning contour edges and overlapping. 

A neat connect the dots exercise with paper bags.  Wasn't easy for me and I was happy with my result.   

The second week was filling in shapes and working with cross hatching.

I bought a fall bouquet and spent the week working on these for fabrics and other designs in my shops. I used mostly cross hatching for them.    

A still life with some favorite objects.  Tried to do cross hatching with watercolor to build up the shapes.  Great book, recommended.


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