Sketchbook Drawings and Hollyhocks

I've been drawing in  my sketchbook a lot lately.  Mostly because the garden is in bloom with various plants in various stages of growth.  And I'd like to participate in the botanical sketchbook contest on Spoonflower

Some of the things I've been drawing are fairly accurate, others are more whimsical from an idea.  

I've been trying to draw bugs too.  They're a great addition to the sketchbook.  This guy was on the house this afternoon.  I rushed in to get my sketchbook and draw him quickly.  No need.  He wasn't going anywhere.  Still there after about a half hour.    

It's a cloudy gray day here so I wanted to see what the hollyhocks would look like in that light.  Not great.  I'm so happy with them though.  They're about 7ft tall growing in the tree branches. 

The bees and hummingbirds have been visiting them daily.   


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