Fourth of July Painting and Rubicon Trail Hike

Working on some cards for the fourth of July holiday this year, working a few months in advance to have them ready and approved before the holiday gets here.  It's a challenge to find inspiration when the holiday hasn't come yet :)

On my walk yesterday I found a twig that had blown off a tree and had a few leaves at the tip so I thought it'd make a nice study.  It had little clusters of something in a couple spots on the twig which added some interest for me.

Hiked the Rubicon trail last weekend and it was a beautiful day to be out.  We picked a day in between storms thankfully.  

Practicing taking photos with my new Nikon camera trying to keep my horizon lines even.  Something I really have to focus on.  I look back at photos I've taken where I wasn't paying attention and they look funny ~ diagonal sometimes :)  and I thought they were good.   

Beautiful Mt. Tallac still layered with snow  and will be for months to come. 


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