Wednesday, July 31, 2013

August Red Poppies Birth Month Flower

Since tomorrow August begins I thought I'd feature some nice items decorated with the lovely poppy, one of the birth month flowers for August.  I loved this poppy pillow with the burlap background texture and really nice large flowers. 

And for a new bride, this bridal shower invitation featuring a lovely poppy flower bouquet.  You can even see the texture in the flowers!  

If you like stickers, this is a really unique poppy sticker with a background in golden sunset colors.  The artist used colored pencils and did a really nice job.   

I like the white background with this bright red poppy on this phone case really pretty for summer time. 

A poppy greeting card with a bold style illustration.  I like the simplicity about it even though it is a field of flowers.  Nicely done.   

Another simple red poppy design on this t-shirt with a watercolor botanical style drawing.  It looks nice on the white t-shirt option.  

Friday, July 26, 2013

Vintage Posters and August Birthday Greeting Card

For Reno Art Town last weekend we visited the Harrah's Auto Museum in Reno and it was fabulous.  If you like old cars and visit Reno, I highly recommend it!  It is quite a collection of really beautiful cars and is set up so nicely.  Throughout the museum there are wonderful paintings by Robert Cinkel and great old posters advertising the cars, movies of different eras and different shops/services.  I loved the artwork and fonts they used and snapped a couple photos to share.    

It's fun to see the prices and the colors they used.    

This is one of my favorite paintings of Robert Cinkel's of the Virginia Street bridge.  Considering that Reno is one of the easiest places to get divorced - There is a fun story about this bridge that says "the divorcees would walk the half a block north of the Washoe County Courthouse on Virginia St., hung over the railing, and tossed their wedding rings into the Truckee River."  It cold be true!  ~National Automobile Museum  
Since it's nearly August I wanted to share a birth month flower birthday card.  Poppies and Gladiolas are the birth month flowers for August.  I think it is fun to still send and receive birthday cards via snail mail.   I love to get snail mail!  Do you?  

This garden greeting card is made with some of my cherry tomatoes and basil from last year's garden.  I planted cherry tomatoes this year but they are orange and as sweet as can be.  I pluck one of the vine and tear off a little basil leaf from the garden and eat it just like that and it is delicious! 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Farmer's Market Peppers and the evolution of a Drawing

We went to the farmer's market this week and I found these great purple peppers that looked like they had been painted with watercolor so I bought a couple to paint myself and to try.  I've not eaten a purple pepper before.  They're good and taste like a green pepper to me.  I used different mediums just playing around one morning while the sun was rising.   

I was thinking about the evolution of sketches or drawings the other day and have seen other designers, especially fabric designers, make these so I wanted to do one of my own.  I think it's neat to see where the idea originates and what it becomes.  This is one of the few drawings I've done that I've made several things from.   

Probably the first thing I make with a drawing is a greeting card to put in my Greeting Card Universe store and Zazzle shop.  I put the drawing in Photoshop and added the green background.   

Then I thought it might make a nice hand embroidery pattern sewn into a tote bag.  I guess I definitely had a green theme in mind when working with this drawing ~ it wasn't a thought out plan.  

I tried the drawing with the green background on fabric in my Spoonflower shop to see what it looked like and made a little zip pouch from the sample.      

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Reno Art Town and Vegetable Greeting Card

July is Art Town in Reno where they have cultural activities, plays and other fun art things going on all month long.  Something for everyone.  Last weekend some artists were opening their studios for walk-in tours so we decided to go.  They refurbished the Riverside Hotel into artist studios and there were a handful of them open on Sunday for viewing.  Lots of variety with landscape acrylic painters, sculpture and a chain maille clothing designer.  She had some halters and bikini or bra-style tops.  We saw a demonstration of how the artist makes chain maille for her items and saw how much work it is!   We saw a shirt made of window screen and a vest made of tin foil (probably my favorite things that I saw).  It was so fun to see how different they all were, their styles and living areas.  Fun, fun.            

The city of Reno has really made a nice river walk along the Truckee River with fountains and tables and fun restaurants.  We saw a couple we'd like to try out! 

Along the river walk is a great sculpture of a fish, I guess it would be a meatless fish.  I loved the bones and the angle of it.  Reno and Sparks have really done some neat decorating over the last few years with sculptures along walkways, the interstate, and bodies of water.  Fun to see it all and enjoy it.   

My garden tomatoes are starting to ripen.  That is the only thing I planted because I want to visit the farmers markets this year.  So I planted lots to draw.  I made a thinking of you greeting card with some of my sketchbook drawings of the garden.  Hope your garden is growing well and you're having a great summer.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Pear Thank You Card and Picnic Quilt Fabric

With farmer's markets in full swing and fruit at the grocery store so plentiful I was inspired to design a thank you card with a pear.  I love their golden colors and shape.  Fun to draw and watercolor.

The Spoonflower fabric contest theme this week was picnics and I wanted to make a picnic quilt watercolor design.  I think blue and red quilts are lovely and great for this time of year with the 4th of July holiday! 

I've also been designing Christmas cards and am finally inspired with some ideas.  It took me a while because I'm in outdoors mode and really like to escape into a novel on the beach this time of year... Hope you're having a great 4th of July weekend ~ US readers.