Vintage Posters and August Birthday Greeting Card

For Reno Art Town last weekend we visited the Harrah's Auto Museum in Reno and it was fabulous.  If you like old cars and visit Reno, I highly recommend it!  It is quite a collection of really beautiful cars and is set up so nicely.  Throughout the museum there are wonderful paintings by Robert Cinkel and great old posters advertising the cars, movies of different eras and different shops/services.  I loved the artwork and fonts they used and snapped a couple photos to share.    

It's fun to see the prices and the colors they used.    

This is one of my favorite paintings of Robert Cinkel's of the Virginia Street bridge.  Considering that Reno is one of the easiest places to get divorced - There is a fun story about this bridge that says "the divorcees would walk the half a block north of the Washoe County Courthouse on Virginia St., hung over the railing, and tossed their wedding rings into the Truckee River."  It cold be true!  ~National Automobile Museum  
Since it's nearly August I wanted to share a birth month flower birthday card.  Poppies and Gladiolas are the birth month flowers for August.  I think it is fun to still send and receive birthday cards via snail mail.   I love to get snail mail!  Do you?  

This garden greeting card is made with some of my cherry tomatoes and basil from last year's garden.  I planted cherry tomatoes this year but they are orange and as sweet as can be.  I pluck one of the vine and tear off a little basil leaf from the garden and eat it just like that and it is delicious! 


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