Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cosmos Sketch and Frog Pond Watercolor Fabric

A sketch of my cosmos, the only flower blooming in my garden at the moment because I bought it blooming for a little color.  I do have lots of seedlings and planted three tomatoes and two pepper plants last weekend.   I planted mostly flowers this year for my sketchbook endeavors and I like going to the farmer's market better than raising my own veggies.  I don't have great luck with growing vegetables.      
I woke up early Sunday morning inspired by frogs for the theme contest on Spoonflower this week.  I wanted to put my frogs into a pond setting.  I love ponds and all the critters that live in one.   

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nevada City and Father's Day Greetings

We took a trip to Nevada City and Grass Valley, CA last weekend and stopped at a vista point.  Nice and quiet.  Loved the fluffy clouds. 

Looking down the vista point a bit.  We tried to take pictures of ourselves but need more practice at that so didn't include those...:)

Nevada City.  Neat old buildings kept up so nicely.  We visited a few antique shops and went down to the basement in some.  The walls are so thick and made with rocks.  I thought they had kind of a ghostly feel to them, but I like that kind of thing and let my imagination run wild.     

The flowers that were near our table at lunch at the Holbrooke Hotel.  We ate outside on their patio.  My husband had the Full Monty and loved it.  The chicken pesto sandwich is great too.

I've been designing greeting cards for Father's Day in my Greeting Card Universe Store. I have one for dad and brother and I'll be making a more for other fathers too. This is a sailboat I painted at Lake Tahoe Last Summer.  Snowcaps still decorate the mountains in summer, but you know that if you visit Lake Tahoe! 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Vintage Door Drawing, Evans Canyon Hike and an Owl

 I'm excited to be able to post on blogger again!  For a long time I couldn't upload my photos so I used my website blog for a while.  I took a pen and ink class at the Nevada Museum of Art and drew this vintage door from a photo I took while exploring a ghost town ~ can't remember which one now.  
We hiked Evans Canyon last weekend and while on the nature trail we saw two Magpie birds harassing this owl.  I didn't realize smaller birds bothered owls, but these two Magpie birds were pests.  I felt bad for the owl and loved seeing him.  So mysterious and regal.    

Back in the canyon a bit we saw this guy.  He likes to bury his head and he wasn't afraid at all.  Glad no one bothers him and he can be in his spot for as long as he wants.  

We walked up toward the N, but not all the way :)  We turned off to head down another trail.  Lots of wildflowers in bloom in lots of colors.