Nevada City and Father's Day Greetings

We took a trip to Nevada City and Grass Valley, CA last weekend and stopped at a vista point.  Nice and quiet.  Loved the fluffy clouds. 

Looking down the vista point a bit.  We tried to take pictures of ourselves but need more practice at that so didn't include those...:)

Nevada City.  Neat old buildings kept up so nicely.  We visited a few antique shops and went down to the basement in some.  The walls are so thick and made with rocks.  I thought they had kind of a ghostly feel to them, but I like that kind of thing and let my imagination run wild.     

The flowers that were near our table at lunch at the Holbrooke Hotel.  We ate outside on their patio.  My husband had the Full Monty and loved it.  The chicken pesto sandwich is great too.

I've been designing greeting cards for Father's Day in my Greeting Card Universe Store. I have one for dad and brother and I'll be making a more for other fathers too. This is a sailboat I painted at Lake Tahoe Last Summer.  Snowcaps still decorate the mountains in summer, but you know that if you visit Lake Tahoe! 


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