Baby Shower Cards, Tahoe and Cattails

I've been designing baby themed cards this week in illustrator.  I'm becoming more comfortable with illustrator and love it so much.  I'm used to working with watercolor and I find I really like the nice clean and crisp look of an illustrator design.   

We visited Truckee on Memorial Day and I found this little book in one of the gift shops.  It's called Tahoe Blues and has short works of "flash fiction" (new to me term) all related to the lake and/or living at Lake Tahoe.  Each chapter is named after a different shade of blue like aquamarine ~ powder blue ~ cerulean
It is such a fun read and each story is no more than 500 words so it is fun to read at breakfast or during short breaks during the day.  I was surprised at two of the two stories I've read so far where people had run into bears on hiking trails.  I didn't think they were out and about during the day and in populated areas.  I'll be very aware from now on... :)    

I live near a large canal that is bordered by lush cattails.  Their leaves are getting taller all the time and soon will be blooming.  I love cattails and really enjoy drawing them too.  


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