Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Easter Greeting Cards

I've been busy creating Easter cards this week.  It is a very blustery windy and cold day here in Nevada so it is nice to be working with flowers of any sort.

And a chubby little spring chicken in bright yellow.  I designed this one for the children, he's a bright happy little chicken.  

I made a general Easter card of this one and also designed some for female relatives such as a favorite aunt, niece, sister or mom.  Sometimes it is fun to send a little something to the special women in your life to let you know you are thinking of them.    

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Feathers, Footprints and Blue Zentangle

I drew these bits and pieces on my journal page when walking out at the lake a week or so ago and tried the image in a fabric design.  I haven't had it printed yet so don't know how it will turn out, but I'm anxious to see.  I liked the color scheme and the nature theme.

This is one of my  new designs in my Zazzle shop.  I put it on some of the Rickshaw products and a card or two.  A zentangle drawing with black ink and a little pencil here and there.   

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Flower Cat and Botanical Fabrics

I've been working with animals this week in my Zazzle shop.  I've made watercolor flower cats and dogs on a robins egg blue background.  Zazzle has so many new products and I've really been inspired!   Lots of new products for the electronic gadgets by Rickshaw Bagworks out of San Francisco too.  I love that they are creating jobs in the US.   

I received a bunch of my Spoonflower fabrics back and have been sorting and color combining trying to see what I'd like to make.  I think these will become something for my kitchen, maybe some patchwork placemats.  

I like all the yellows and blues in this bunch.  I need to do more fruit fabrics, the lemons turned out so bright and pretty.  Cheerful fabrics.  Spoonflower just started using Kona cotton for the quilting fabric and it is fabulous fabric, love the texture and weight.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sweet Peas and Shasta Daisy Pillows

I've been enjoying the last few days putting my drawings on some new home decor items Zazzle has available now.  They have kitchen towels, pillows, napkin sets and placemats for the home.  The towels are a very nice size measuring 16" x 24" on durable 100% cotton twill and machine washable.  Best of all is these products are made in the USA by sustainably employed single moms, which I think is very exciting.  Creating jobs in the USA, very nice.  

The pillows are wonderful.  They are 20" x 20" and made of 100% grade A woven cotton.  They  have a hidden zipper closure with a pillow insert inside so the covering can be easily washed.  Hope you'll take a moment to check them out, it is worth it!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Green Tea Watercolor and Purple Leaves

I was inspired by green tea this week.  I found a little book on green tea at an antique store so I drew my own little green tea illustration and have been putting it on cards in my shops and made an embroidery pattern out of it too for my needlework shops.  I didn't realize how many varieties of green tea there are and that it grows in several different countries.  The health benefits are great too.  I drink Tazo green tea in the morning and like that blend. 

Winter walking at the lake I found some leaves and twigs on the sand and I liked their arrangements so decided to sketch them.  I added a little purple color to depict the chill of the season.  I like to draw leaves a lot.  I like to challenge myself with trying to get the curves and angles right.