Seagulls, Cloudy Sky and October Birthday Cards

I went to the bird refuge out of town and drew some of the seagulls milling about.  Usually this time of year there are a lot of neat birds out there but the water is very low so they are elsewhere.  I see a lot of neat ones near our house and out at the lake.   Big cranes and jet black birds with deep red feathers and some with bright yellow feathers.  I need to learn what kind they are.    

Memorial Day weekend we had great clouds.  Lots of fluffy white cumulus and it was nice and warm.

I spent some time at the lake trying to capture some cloud photos and then I sketched some also, just haven't scanned them yet.  Next week.

I'm almost finished with my series of birth month flower cards and worked on October this week.  Will do November in a darker brown, maybe a nutmeg and then maybe a pine green for December.    


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