Leaves, Cotton and Campground Frog

I painted this ACEO at the beach last fall and really liked the insect eaten leaf. The holes were so symmetrical and the same size, very neat and precise bugs. Feathers are always fun to draw and paint.

A page from my sketchbook while on our camping trip in Lake Tahoe. My husband found a tiny, tiny frog and brought it to me to draw. I was really excited because living in the desert I don't see many frogs (lots of lizards). I had to sketch quick so it may not look too much like a frog, but I had fun.

Cotton from the trees in our area has been flying around in the air for a while now. On my walk I found a neat twig with a big puff of the open cotton seeds still attached so I drew it and tried to depict the cotton as best I could. I wanted it to appear soft and fluffy.


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