Seed Pods and Tahoe Avalanche

I went to an author's luncheon last fall and there were a lot of Nevada and northern California authors there. Two of the books I bought were mysteries (I bought a lot - I love books :). One set in Reno and the other in Lake Tahoe. It is really fun to read stories set in places that are familiar. Tahoe Avalanche was really good. The author did a lot of research on avalanches and the mystery was entertaining. I learned a lot about how avalanches are dealt with, set off and the what avalanche areas look like on the mountain after the snow has melted. Learned a lot more about Tahoe too - more places to hike! The murder(s) involved some 1870 Carson City Double Eagle gold coins which made it fun for me too. We love old coins and Nevada history in my family. Highly recommend this book, great author.

Slim pickens in the garden and surrounding landscape this time of year to draw so I try to find some neat seed pods. Dead, or asleep, plants can be interesting too. I just use a lot of color!


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