Monday, July 26, 2010

Pink Wildflower Meadow and Poppy ACEO

Visiting northern California last weekend many flowers were in bloom. Fields filled with big bright yellow sunflowers and poppies here and there.

Along the interstate and highways big flowering bushes in shades of pink were in bloom. The wine country is lovely with the rolling hills, vineyards and quiet roads.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lake Tahoe Mt. Tallac Collage Card

Mt. Tallac in Lake Tahoe still has snow in July. On July 4th we decided to join the crowds in Lake Tahoe (don't know if we will again...:) and take our kayak out on the water. It was really choppy so I decided to take the kayak and go down Taylor creek that branches off the lake. It was nice and smooth and deserted, just what I like. The lupines were in full bloom, the trees were in full leaf and had great shades of green. Mt. Tallac stands tall in the background still decorated with snow. In this collage I also included sepia daisy drawings and a page from my journal noting the phase of the moon which is a fun thing to pay attention to for me.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mandalas and Zentangles

In reading the "Auntie Moon" blog this morning I came upon information about mandalas and how they are used for mediation and relaxation. One woman took a mandala to the nursing home with her when she went to visit her mother. She colored the mandala with her mother during the visit and the meditative process of coloring was very calming and relaxing.

I found this to be very similar in drawing zentangles. Drawing lines, making shapes with intersections and swirls. The anticipation of what other new shapes may be formed, whether they are bold and thick or fine and dainty.

A lot of zentangles are left black and white, but I really love color so I add a little here and there. I am going to try some mandalas, maybe try to draw my own to see what I come up with. It is also interesting when the mandala is finished to notice which colors were chosen and then research the meanings of the colors.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Full Moons, Fairies and Yoga

I've been very interested in studying the moon lately and keeping track of the phases. The full moon has always intrigued me. I enjoy just being outside in a full moon - something like a camping trip near a lake during the days of the full moon and the light of the moon glistening on the water; I really like that.

This is Treena a little nature spirit I drew the other day. She is already living with someone new and I miss her a little so I will draw more little nature spirits. She loves blue butterflies.

Along with my interest in the moon are serene and dreamy mystical drawings. I love all of it -yoga, fairies, stories of old castles and the lore that goes along with flowers and how they have been used for centuries.