Full Moons, Fairies and Yoga

I've been very interested in studying the moon lately and keeping track of the phases. The full moon has always intrigued me. I enjoy just being outside in a full moon - something like a camping trip near a lake during the days of the full moon and the light of the moon glistening on the water; I really like that.

This is Treena a little nature spirit I drew the other day. She is already living with someone new and I miss her a little so I will draw more little nature spirits. She loves blue butterflies.

Along with my interest in the moon are serene and dreamy mystical drawings. I love all of it -yoga, fairies, stories of old castles and the lore that goes along with flowers and how they have been used for centuries.


  1. Beautiful.... I love all of that too.... I've always been attracted to the mystical and the unknown!


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