Como Cattails and Pine Grove Window

Exploring a little ghost town called Pine Grove a few weeks ago I was reading the carved messages, initials and signs in the wood of the collapsed buildings. This one in particular caught my eye because of the ragged wood, mesh linings, old nails sticking out. Someone else thought it was cool too and carved that above the window. I liked the bright perspective of the landscape outside the window against the darkness of the wood.

After a very hot, bumpy, and very long drive up a dirt road we explored Como near Dayton, Nevada. Lots of juniper trees with pine cones blooming on the branches heavily covered in sap. Dirt roads go off in all directions. I set off by myself wanting to see the water source down by the trees. Rabbit brush blooming and me sneezing as I draw. Bugs of all kinds buzz around making me wonder how badly I want to be drawing there. A marshy area is full of cattails and milkweed and other yellow flowers - I decide to paint mine pink. I'm a little bored with the yellow.


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