Acanthus mollis Flower Meaning

As I go down the flower list of my book there are some I can't seem to find. I couldn't find Acalia, which means temperance. I will keep my eye out for information on that one. The Acanthus mollis flower is representative of the fine arts and also means artifice - I had to look that up. Artifice - skill or ingenuity, trickery, artful trick. Artful trick - I liked that one. It is a very large plant with tall strong spike flowers that can be white, lilac or rose. The plant can grow to 8' tall. Tolerates dry climates and shade. As I was reading about it it reminded me of other desert plants I've come to know, mainly Mullein, which grows happily in our area of the desert. I peeked ahead in my flower book and there isn't mention of it so I don't know if it has a meaning. This is a fun tidbit from Wikipedia, "The leaves of this plant are generally considered by historians to have been the design inspiration for the Corinthian column capitals of Roman architecture."


  1. Are you sure that's not Azalea? I found that on several web sites for "temperance". I've been searching for flowers for a quilt project symbolizing the seven virtues (temperance, strength, justice, prudence, faith, hope, and charity).


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