Libra Zodiac Sign Astrology Card

Libras have been plentiful in my life, after saying that Leos have been few. I find it interesting, now that I think about it, the different people in my life and the signs they are - they are almost all the same. For quite awhile, especially when I was a teen and young adult I had Capricorn friends. I married into a family that is mostly Virgo. Funny how that is. Do you notice a pattern in your life?


  1. Yay...Libra! Both my husband and I are Libras, which makes for an interesting marriage. I find that I have more Leos and Tauruses in my life than other signs. While I love them all, they can be a little much! Love your post and illustrations.

  2. Every man that has had a romantic type of impact on my life has been a Cancer or a Leo...from my first boyfriend at 13 to the ex's in my adult life. Weird.


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