Friday, December 30, 2016

Easter Rabbit and Tulips

My illustration for this week.  I've been taking a couple of illustration classes on Craftsy.  Illustrating animals with clothing and working on drawing children better.  Don't have anything to post on that one yet :)  

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Bluebirds and Berries Drawing Demonstration

Lots of birds are visiting our neighborhood eating all the plums off the trees.  
We mostly have sparrows, robins, and another grey/black bird I couldn't find the name of in my book.  But I wanted bluebirds in my drawing.   I bought a few "Le Pen" pens by Marvy at
the art store the other day and they bleed nicely with watercolor.  As I put the watercolor on the bird the surrounding berries and branches started to bleed color and mix nicely.  Just a little water to control the amount.   

I used the brown pen and it has a nice burgundy purple color.  I put a little water on a #4 brush and lightly painted the berries and branches throughout the drawing.  I painted the birds first and then the berries and branches to get more colors to blend.  

Add a little more water for darker color in some of the berries.   I scanned this drawing in as it is so I could have two different drawings to use in my cards, stickers and such.  I liked the botanical look of this one.   

I brought the drawing back to my table and used grey and a little cobalt for a wintery sky and again let the pen color blend in places.

I left a blank spot for a greeting card message.  I went outside for a bit while the drawing was drying and all the plums were gone off the branches and so were the birds.  However, a big fluffy black and white cat was visiting our backyard . . . a little late.  He didn't stay long, hopped the fence and headed home or to find the birds.    

The finished drawing.  These pens are fun to use if you plan on them bleeding for effect.  I have an orange pen, a nice burgundy, and an indigo blue I'm looking forward to trying to see what they look like with watercolor.
I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!    

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Hummingbird and Hollyhocks

Hummingbird and Hollyhocks is a drawing from my Lila's Garden Coloring Book
I painted with watercolor.  It's fun to color with lots of shapes within the flowers.  

I put the design on a tote bag available in my Zazzle shop.

And a colorful pillow.  This would be really pretty as a patio pillow or pillow for a sunroom

A colorful square poster.  I have quite a few drawings from the coloring book as square posters and they'd look really nice in a set!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Lake Lahontan Saturday Sketching

Nice quiet day of sketching at Lake Lahontan Saturday.   

I'm taking a Great Courses Drawing Class and we're studying composition.  Deciding where the horizon line should be and where most of the activity in the drawing will be.  I chose the foreground and the right side for this drawing.  

Then just a sparse foreground in this one and activity to the left.  I liked doing this one, because I usually put everything in the foreground by habit.  

I really like the trees at Lake Lahontan.  They've got interesting shapes with limbs and branches that have broken off, but the tree still happily grows in whatever direction it wants to.     

And new little trees planting roots all over.  Tiny, but standing tall.