Thursday, July 28, 2016

Lila's Garden Strawberries and Bees

Strawberries and Bees hand painted watercolor illustration.  This is an illustration from my Lila's Garden Coloring Book that's available in my Etsy shop or on Amazon.   

I thought the design looked festive for summer on this pair of flipflops.
You can click here to see the berries and bees flipflops in my Zazzle Shop

A lined notepad that is nice for lists and notes.  They make great thinking of you gifts for friends or a gift for a teacher at the end of the school year. 
You can click here to see the strawberries and bees notepad.

I'm excited about these tote bags.  Made of nice fabric, a good size and made in the USA.
You can click here to see the strawberries and bees tote bag. 

You can click here to get the Lila's Garden coloring book in my Etsy shop.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Lila's Garden Green Pears

Two Pears from my Lila's Garden Adult Coloring book painted in watercolor. 

I have this painting on several items in my Zazzle Shop.  These are really nice tote bags made with great fabric.  Made in the USA
You can find the Pear Tote Bag here

Pears Poster    
Really nice for the kitchen with a variety of greens and blues painted in watercolor. 

Nice for crafting, scrapbooking or to add a little something to your letters if you like to keep in touch by snail mail.  Maybe if you have a Pen Pal.  

You can find Lila's Garden Coloring Book on Amazon.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A Visit with a Beekeeper

I went to visit a local beekeeper a few weeks ago and learned a lot.  I like to draw bees and 
it was really interesting seeing them up close.  

This is the first hive we got into and it was a peaceful, busy hive so they weren't bothered when we got in there to look at them.  

Me holding a frame of bees.  They just continued working away while we admired them.  

But this hive was a bit different, it wasn't as peaceful.  Some dead bees in the water and the frames weren't full of working busy bees.  She was inspecting it to see if there was an obvious problem. 

I was lucky taking close pictures of the bees until we got to this hive and I got stung.  They were upset we got in there.  I had my glove off to take the picture and they let me know quickly I was too close :)  I like the picture though and think I got the full experience of visiting a beekeeper.