Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hot Air Balloons, Aspen Trees and a Blue Door

Inspired by the Reno Balloon Races last fall.  I've been going through the photos I took last year for ideas to paint.  My first hot air balloon painting and I really enjoyed it.  Loved seeing them too.   

And aspens are a native tree around here and are really fun to draw and paint the eyes, lines and thin trunks. 

I took a photo of this door in an alleyway while visiting Georgia last year.  I loved the blue door with the awning and yellow stucco style walls.  I changed a few things, embellished a bit here and there to make it how I wanted it.  A cottage style door rather than an industrial door.  Thank you for stopping by!   

Friday, February 13, 2015

Sweet Peas Watercolor Paintings and a Wheelbarrow

I've been working on some paintings to make Mother's Day cards and sweet peas came to mind.  I'm not sure where the windowpane idea came from, but I liked how it turned out.  It's kind of like four ACEO paintings in one.

I like borders in paintings so tried one on this illustration.  I set up a little still life using an antique teacup my Grandmother-in-Law gave me for Christmas one year.  

I've wanted to paint alliums for a while now and decided to put them in my wheelbarrow garden scene.  I'd love to grow some, but I'm not sure they'd do well here in Nevada.   Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day! 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Sketching in the Park

I'm taking a sketchbook drawing class on Craftsy and one of our lessons is to put a person in a sketch.  Not a detailed drawing of them, just put them in there as part of the scene.  It's a challenge because they're in motion.  This is my first attempt and I'm happy with it.  Next time, I hope to make it look as if they are in motion :)    
Another exercise from the class is working with pencils and conveying value, shape and texture through different type of marks, shading and pencil leads. 

I liked the challenge of the spools of this one.  This was my first drawing of the bunch and had to re-work the spools a bit.