Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blue Jar Nasturtium Leaf Sketch

I found some Sharpie pens yesterday in colors I didn't have.  I added them to my collection and tried them out on a little bottle, testing my skills again.  I love the purple pen.  It's my favorite color.     

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Vintage Glass Bottle Stoppers Sketch

Glass bottle stoppers from old whiskey bottles (or other spirits).  We find these here and there and are fun to collect.  My favorite are the purple stoppers.   

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Scrapbooking Paper and Coreopsis Sketch

I have a lot of coreopsis flowers in all stages of bloom now, they're taking over really.  They can handle the heat better than the other flowers I guess.    

Since the season is slowly beginning to change I put together another scrapbooking paper set for autumn.  It's got a little cabin pattern, fruits and vegetables of the season in soft calming colors.   

Friday, August 16, 2013

Hammer Head and Green Tomato

I decided to challenge myself by drawing this old hammer head.  It took me four tries before I got something I was happy with.  I got the angles right on the bottom one but it is too short.  The top two are more accurate length.  My brain got a work out with this one.  I had to draw a tomato to relax a little.  Hope you have a good weekend.  

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Very Thin Slices of Apple

I like to cut my apples when I eat them.  In slices, sometimes very thin slices.  I think it's from when I was little and my grandfather would have an apple every evening after dinner.  He'd usually peel his with his pocket knife and give me a small slice or two. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Oyster Shells and the Oregon Coast

We took a trip to the Oregon coast last week and visited Brookings, Gold Beach and Bandon.  I was surprised at the huge rocks along the coastline.  We spent some time at Harris Beach and I was able to find a few things to draw.  Compared to some of the northern beaches, these beaches didn't have a lot of shells and such to draw this time.  Wildflowers were in bloom everywhere though ~ bright pink sweet peas everywhere.  I loved it.          

We had fog and clouds the whole time we were there, but it was nice and calm and cool at 55.  No wind really.  I was thinking about it and I'd rather have fog and no sun than really strong wind, so I was happy.  

I think maybe the gulls like to have their pictures taken.  They seem to be a pretty relaxed bird and do their thing.  A bunch of them were behind this rock bathing and fluttering about in the water.  Fun to watch.   

I always like to take photos of the boats when I visit the coast.  Boating and fishing is such a different way of life than what I'm used to and I find it really interesting.  

I liked this photo for all the shades of grey in it.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Garden Tomato Drawings

 Since it's fresh garden tomato season I wanted to share some products I've found lately that I've added to my wish list. I like the black and white checked pattern with the peppers and tomatoes in this recipe binder.  It would really brighten up the kitchen! 
 Very nice drawing of the tomatoes in this garden sticker.  I can see it on a jar of tomatoes or on a recipe card.  Even a summertime birthday card.  
The graphic illustration in this tomato binder is fantastic.  The water droplet looks so real.  A fun binder for gardeners.   
A cherry tomato and basil print in watercolor and pencil.  Would be really pretty in the kitchen.   

I like this vintage tomato print.  It looks like most of the ingredients for spaghetti sauce.  I think it would be great in a restaurant, an Italian restaurant maybe. 

A photo of my roma tomatoes this morning.  This is my best crop yet! Very excited.  I hope you're tomatoes are growing well too!