Friday, March 30, 2012

Park Trees in Sepia

A few days ago it was very nice and sunny out so sat in the park and drew for a while.  I was inspired by the surroundings but did my own thing with them in sepia.  I would like to play around with them in photoshop to see what different effects I can come up with.   
I drew this one first and added my own flowers.  Too cold yet for the flowers to be blooming, roses anyway, I forgot it is nearly April now and I do have purple hyacinths coming up in my front yard.   Think I will watercolor this one.   

Friday, March 23, 2012

June Birthday Flower Cards and Stonehouse Canyon

I've been working on a greeting card project making cards with birthday month flowers for the special females in our lives and I'm on June.  It has become a much bigger project than I thought it was going to be and is very challenging, maybe that is a good thing.  Probably.  I've been working on it for a few weeks now and hopefully will have them done before summer...    

We went out exploring a couple weeks ago and drove through some desert I'd not seen before.  We took a dirt road off the freeway and it was surprisingly a very nice road with very few bumps, ruts or potholes.  Lots of cows and sweet calves and the lizards are tiny but out and about now.  We stopped in stonehouse canyon and we saw an old rock house built into a hill with a little fire pit right outside the doorway opening.  It was so small and short I'm thinking they just stored things in there.  Someone would have to be bent over the whole time they were in there, guess they could sleep in there but that's about it. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

January and February Birthday Flower Greeting Cards

I've been focusing on making birthday cards featuring the flowers for specific months and carnations are the birthday flower for January.

A white iris drawing in ink and colored pencil for February birthdays.

And another series of cards with a bright pink iris with spring green leaves painted in watercolor for February birthdays.  

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I have a little glass bottle collection and I keep some of the not so precious bottles in the garden for a little decoration, especially in the winter.  We find them here and there and as my collection grows and the nicer bottle stay inside and the others go to the garden and I draw them.  I like to draw outside usually every day, kind of therapeutic and stress relieving.  Sometimes I'll just draw a weed or two, something.  

  I've been working on some collage/mixed media cards this week with a lavender theme.  Some pen and ink spring flowers with watercolor tulips.  I'm getting anxious for spring planting.    

 This one is more of a mystical flower fairy style card, can you see them tucked in there among the flowers?  I don't draw people very much.  It's not relaxing to me, not easy for me I guess.  Need to challenge myself with more people drawing this year.  Maybe...