Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Medicinal Herb Illustration and Broken Bowls

I used to grow a lot of herbs and loved to try all different kinds.  I hope to again someday when I have a larger garden.  I illustrated several different herb related drawings: herbal soap, potpourri, herbal tea, kitchen herbs and this medicinal herbs illustration.  It was fun to do the research and note what each herb is good for. 

We finally got some snow and rain!  I loved it.  Before that, a couple weekends ago, my husband and I went exploring in the desert and I found lots of broken dishes.  I usually see quite a few broken dishes and some china chips, some of which I keep for my collection :)  But this time I found big pieces of broken bowls and plates and teacups.  I wanted the challenge of trying to capture the curved bowl so concentrated on those.     

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Watercolor Digital Collage Sheets

With Valentine's Day in mind I designed pink hearts from my pink paintings and put a few digital stripes in there to for a bit of coordinated contrast.    

 I've been designing digital collage sheets this week with my art work.  This one has two inch squares of blue flowers hydranges, lilacs, cornflowers and other watercolor flowers. 

I made a sheet with one inch and two inch squares with yellow flowers  and some complimentary colors for spring.  The yellow background has a bit of texture with some different spring colors.  These have been really fun to make!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tree Man and Valentine Cards

Last weekend we went to the lake to see how much the water had gone down and explore a little.  The lake was still pretty high and some of the trees were uprooted on the beach, but at least there was some beach now.  Over the summer the lake was so full there wasn't much beach at all.  I walked a bit looking for things to draw and looking at the trees.  I saw this uprooted tree stump that looked like a figure and someone else did too as they had put a pair of sunglasses on it and left them there.  I had to draw him.  I thought he was really neat.     

 I've been working on Valentine's Day cards and felt a little romantic with this one I guess.  Has a vintage feel to it also, like the color of tea stained cloth.  I made another Valentine card with digital elements and it was fun also, but I like working with my own artwork best I guess.  Hoping for snow or some rain here - still seems like spring except for nine degree mornings...  Hope all is well where you are.  

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gourd and Cattail Still life with Windflowers

 I set up a little still life in my backyard last fall.  Last weekend I got in a spring yard cleaning mood, since it seems like spring around here, and I threw all my gourds away.   They were beyond their prime.  To commemorate them I wanted to post a little still life I made of them.  I picked some cattails and other seed heads and put them in an old bottle we found in the desert.  The old bottle and cattails are still there.  I need a little something for decoration.  Still hoping for some kind of moisture here in the desert! 
I had windflowers planted a few years ago and
made a study drawing of them.  Their petals are so delicate and only last a day, but then there are more the next day.  They spread happily all over the place.  I think I'd plant them again sometime.