Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shasta Daisies, Cottage Watercolor and Art Fabrics

I like to buy bouquets now and then to draw the flowers, especially in winter when my garden is not alive with color. This watercolor painting of three daisies came from a bouquet I bought not to long ago. I used pencil and colored pencil with the watercolor for some different effects and shading.

A friend told me about zentangles and I have come to really like doing them. It is good exercise for the brain to not really have an objective or anything I am looking at to draw. It is a challenge for me to relax and just make marks. I like to do them now and then to see what I come up with. This ACEO of Cottages is one of my latest drawings.

I put some more of my drawings onto fabric in my Spoonflower Shop. The ink and watercolor really print well and the watercolor gives such great effects on the fabric. Morning Glory in Lavender at the top, Love in a Mist to the left and Fuchsia Blooms a the bottom.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Autumn Petunia Watercolor and ACEO Art

I've been enjoying the cooler weather lately and looking forward to autumn. My petunias are still in bloom and I really like the way they look in watercolor. It suits their frilly edges I think.

I like to just draw and paint to see what I come up with, doodling I guess. This reminded me of a wildflower patch, a whimsical one maybe...

I always like to plant poppies. They do well for me also in the garden. I like their color, but I think my favorite thing about them is the flower buds. I like the shape and how they droop and their prickly texture and their color of green...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Campground and Vegetable Garden Sketches

I was finishing up some drawings last evening and decided to work with my watercolor colored pencils. They've been my favorite this summer to use for a little color with my pen and ink drawings. This was a sketch of a view from our campsite back in June. There is more green than yellow around the trees, but the scan picked up more of the bright yellow.

I pulled a really neat-funny shaped carrot from the garden, added a dragonfly that came by and hung around for a while, some of my ripening cherry tomatoes and a little red petunia from the front yard.

I've had a new crop of poplar trees begin growing in my garden and I wanted to sketch them before I yank them out. They come up easier than my flowers I plant by seed...frustrating :)