Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Delamar Window and Rockland Cabin

For spring break we traveled to eastern Nevada to explore some ghost towns, visit Cathedral Gorge and see the area's history. It was beautiful and very different. Lots of green Joshua trees, junipers and Indian Paintbrush among other wildflowers. The weather was good while we were out and about. We stayed in the Overland Hotel that has themed rooms and we stayed in the Victorian Rooms.

My drawing from last week painted. I didn't want my whole painting to be brown so I painted the cabin grayish purple, I liked it better that way.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Rockland and Alphabet Fabric

We went on a four-wheeler ride to the old mine site/ghost town of Rockland. There are still some neat buildings standing, mostly wood cabins. Lots of healthy junipers and other evergreens growing all around. Very quiet and way, way up in the mountains. Still snow on the ground in patches here and there. Must've been so cold during the winter.
This is my entry in the alphabet fabric contest on Spoonflower this week. There is a little rabbit in the letter "C".

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chicken Fabric and Birthday Greeting Card

I drew and painted a family of chickens this week. I've seen a lot about chickens lately. Seems a lot of people like to raise chickens and there are great small chicken coops designed for backyard flocks. I love them. I had some chickens once years ago, but didn't have a coop built yet. I went outside one morning and a beautiful coyote was near our yard and the chickens were gone... The photo above is some fabric I designed with parts of the chicken painting. I will have it up in my Spoonflower shop soon. I have a chicken cross stitch pattern I'm working on and want to use the fabric to finish that design.
This is the chicken painting I made into a birthday card. I really loved painting the rooster.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Eucalyptus and To the Moon

I bought a bouquet of flowers this week and found this eucalyptus sprig to be a challenge to draw. Trying to get perspective on the leaves was probably the most challenging.
I put some of my other ink drawings in a collage. In a black and white mood this week I guess. Last summer I was really paying attention to the phases of the moon and drew it a lot, especially the full moon. Did you see the super moon? I tried, but too cloudy here that night. I saw it on TV and couldn't believe how bit it was. Wish I could've seen it.