Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Grantsville and Weeks Nevada Trash

Weeks, Nevada is along the Carson River with great roads to ride a four wheeler or ride horses. We found a trash dump and I collected some nice flowery china chips that I may make into a mosaic someday. Or maybe not. I kind of like the way they look in the glass jar I have them in.
Grantsville is a ghost town with lots of buildings still intact. The rabbit brush is blooming bright yellow right now and pollen rich, dare to breathe deep in its midst.

Back to Weeks again. There are small piles of sun-bleached pale red shotgun shells here and there around the area. Everything is shot up. Signs, all the old trash, new beer and soda cans; anything that could possibly be used as a target has been found and shot full of holes. Even a DVD, guess they were done with it.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Berlin Outhouse

We explored the Berlin-Ichthyosaur Nevada State Park. I was glad to be able to see it this time of year. The last time we went it was covered in knee-deep snow and snowshoes would have been very handy to have. There are many buildings and cabins still standing. This is the outhouse that is behind Mr. Watson's house with the antique stove and table with old bottles. In the assay office there are still glass jars, beakers and other lab equipment. This is where Mr. Doolan stayed, who was the midnight watchman. He would eat his lunch in there while taking a break from patrolling the town watching for fires and thieves. The mill still has equipment and stable rock foundations. On up the road is the Ichthyosaur remains display. It is amazing to think water covered that area and a fish that big, about the size of a large whale, lived there.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mt. Tallac Staircase

We decided to hike Mt. Tallac a couple weekends ago to see what it was like without the snow. We hiked it in June and didn't get too much further than Floating Island Lake. This time the floating island at Floating Island Lake was under water and we hiked beyond Cathedral Lake. The views are stunning and the hike on up to the top is steep and uphill almost all the way - I like a few more plateaus :) This is a neat rock staircase just past Cathedral Lake. We didn't go too much further than this, need to get in better shape. We heard getting to the top is worth the hike and I can imagine it is. Maybe someday.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Autumn, Leaves and Lady

I am so happy September is here. Looking forward to Autumn and the changing colors, cooler temperatures, football games and better sleeping.
When I walk I like finding interesting leaves to draw. Leaves with lots of flaws. Small twigs with clusters of leaves still on it. Leaves that are still soft, but yellow - like they have just fallen.

A collage with peaceful elements of nature to blend with her tranquil mood.