Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hazen Nevada Morning Photo Walk

We went out to Hazen again last weekend, but in the morning.  I wanted to see what the light would be like.  I liked the shadows much better.  I experimented with color a bit in lightroom.  I didn't want to make the photos all black and white.  I like a little color.  

I found some things I didn't see the week before.  I liked the patterns and shadows on these railroad pieces.  

I've taken pictures of this red house in Hazen several times, but usually up close on the other side of the tracks.  I liked this view, especially with the round red sign.

This reminded me of Easter.  In the background is the same shed I photographed last weekend. 

Again, the same shed but in sepia.  I liked how it turned out in sepia and would be great if there were clouds in the sky.  

Another photo with just a tint of color and the rest sepia.  I thought it worked well for a desert photo.  

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hazen Nevada Afternoon Photo Walk

We went to Hazen last weekend to explore and I took my camera.  There were some nice wispy clouds in the sky and the light wasn't too harsh.  I love finding old things and trying to make an interesting photograph.  I'm working on an illustration project right now and not ready to post any of them yet, so will be posting other things for a bit.   

Abstract paintings haven't interested me much, but abstract photos do.  They make me stop and look and think, "what is that."  Framing is one of my favorite techniques.   

I loved the colors on this old shack.  I also learned a technique on Lynda.com about how to straighten things in your image when the photo is taken at a wide angle.  I was able to straighten the power lines in this photo.  

I also like to take photos of things just how they are when I find them.  This is just part of a license plate and I liked the patina on it.   

Trains go by Hazen frequently and I tried to practice my shutter priority mode with the passing trains, but they didn't work out.  I need a lot more practice :)  So I switched back to aperture priority and worked with a pile of tires l found with the still train in the background.       

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Book Cover Design

I've been learning more about book cover design with different effects and experimenting with how to get the message or tone of the book across with a simple cover design.  

Trying to think of a storyline for a practice cover was difficult to come up with.  I finished watching "Last Dance in Halifax" and that show was an inspiration for this cover.    

This was the first cover of all of them I put together and was the easiest for me.  I love anything lavender ~ even lavender scented house cleansers and trash bags.

I was reading Alice Munro's "Moons of Jupiter" story collection which inspired this cover.  Thinking of someone who goes to Hawaii or other island for kind of an escape and writes.  

Friday, March 11, 2016

Square Photo Prints and a Black and White

I finally decided to get some prints made of my photographs today.  Walgreens has a nice  square size to choose from.  Took me two years to print out some of my photos.  Think it has taken that long for me to shoot something I thought worth printing.  These are eggs I bought from my neighbor last summer.  She began quickly selling out and they soon became a luxury for me.      

This photo I was experimenting with a texture.  Up close it has some nice swirls and a matte effect.  I wanted to see what it looked like printed out and I like it. 

A goose taking a drink.  I just sat and watched for a bit.  A calm morning with nice reflections.  They say a photographer has to have patience.    

I love milkweed in all its phases of growth.  Interesting plant. 

A desert plant and I used my nifty 50 lens to try and create an interesting background.  

 I shot this poppy when I first got my camera.  I like the light through the petals.   

Some work with still life photos at home.   

And a black and white landscape.  I was really curious to see how my black and white would print out and I'm happy with it.  Inspired to go out and shoot some more.  I watched the biography of Vivian Maier the other day.  She's inspiring too.   

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


The flower buds on our trees are beginning to swell so I was inspired to draw some bluebirds in a flowering tree. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Fallon Nevada Sunrise Photo Walk

Last weeks photo practice suggestion from Anne McKinnell was photographing your hometown.  I've photographed Fallon a few times in different seasons, usually summer.  So this is what a February morning looks like from my camera.  This is the courthouse, one of my favorite buildings in town.  

The Fallon Community Theater.  It is one of Nevada's oldest theaters and has been here since 1920. 

The Overland Hotel and Saloon built in 1908.  

This is the Oats Park School built in 1914.  Now it is The Oats Park Art Center where concerts and art shows are held.  A very fun place to go, one of my favorites. 

Two vintage signs put up next to the Oats Park Art Center a few years ago.  They look great at night lit up in their neon colors.  

The Douglass Mansion, also known as The Pink House, built in 1904.  Lovely example of Queen Anne architecture.  

One of my favorite views of town.  This is from Millennium Park near the Courtyard Cafe, which is a fabulous place to eat.     

I drove out Wildes Road to see the raptor bird nests, which are very active right now.  My zoom didn't get as close as I would've liked.  All those birds in one tree is awesome to see and I love to listen to them.  They're saying we should have more water this year from the good storms in the sierras so hopefully we'll have more birds this year too.   

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Bee Skep Garden Watercolor Painting

I finished my bee skep garden painting the other day and made several items in my 
Zazzle shop with it.   I'll post some on here tomorrow, they should be available in the Zazzle marketplace by then.