Friday, January 29, 2016

Woman Gardening, Hazen Chickens and Reno

I was thinking about Mother's Day this week and trying to think of a design for a card.  A woman gardening came to mind and I painted this illustration.  It didn't seem to fit the Mother's Day category so it became a thinking of you card instead for a gardening friend.   

This is the published card in my Greeting Card Universe store.  
You can click here for the thinking of you friend card

I went on a photo walk Sunday.  I got up early before the sunrise and got to Hazen, Nevada just as the sun was rising over the mountains.  There were great clouds in the sky and I liked the pink on the distant mountains. 

There were some friendly chickens (friendly because they thought I was going to feed them) but they got close enough for a bit for me to get some pictures of them.  They are pretty chickens, well taken care of.  Nice variety of chickens too. 

I then drove into Reno and walked around Virginia Lake.  Loads of birds there and people love to feed them.  I liked this row of ducks in the lake and the houses beyond.  Nice symmetry.   

I walked over by the Truckee river down the river walk and saw this great reflection in a large window.  Just as I was framing and focusing a couple walked by and I was able to get their reflection too.  Loved it. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Quail in the Tulips Watercolor Painting

This is my second attempt at this quail painting.  I didn't like the colors I used in the first painting and the pen and ink didn't show up well on the cold press paper I used.  I switched to hot press and liked how the ink drawing looked a lot better.  Lightened my color palette and so far so good.  I'll be making this into an embroidery pattern and coloring page in my shops soon.   

Friday, January 15, 2016

White Rabbits Watercolor Coloring Page

I painted white rabbits and chickadees this week in a springtime setting.  I put them on lots of items in my Country Garden Zazzle shop. 

And made a coloring page out of my initial drawing.  It'll work as an embroidery pattern too. You can find this in my Country Garden Etsy Shop  

And a greeting card for Easter.  You can find this in my Greeting Card Universe Shop.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Lake Lahontan Nevada Carp Boat

We went to Lake Lahontan yesterday and the lake is still very low.  I found this great fish skeleton near the edge of the water.  

And there was a boat named "Nevada Carp" out in the lake.  It's on top of the ice just sitting there.  Not sure what the nets are for around it.   I loved the name.

It was an overcast day so I mostly focused on detail photographs.    

My sketch of the boat. Good practice for painting snow. 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Robot Illustrations

I've been working on a series of cards in my Greeting Card Universe store for child developmental milestones.  It's been a great challenge to think of illustrations for the different subjects.  You can click here for card details. 

 The subject for this card was learning different colors.  I got out my basket of scrap watercolor paper and drew little whimsical robots using markers then a light watercolor wash.